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#TOP Taste

Our History

Long history of quality and uniqueness, with strong values since 1935.

Vinegar made from apple or pomegranate, red or white wine, balsamic vinegar or balsamic cream, taste, aromas and tradition that go back a long way, fresh from the vineyard every single time!

Having its starting point at the year 1935 in the city of Piraeus and already counting more than 80 years in Greece, TOP reaches our time with the same core values, with solid roots in tradition and its eyes on innovation and an unparalleled way of blending  excellent raw materials with modern techniques.

Nowadays, TOP remains committed to quality and responsibility towards the consumer and multiplies its product range, covering the needs of the modern family.

With a wide range in Balsamic vinegars, Balsamic Creams and Plain vinegars, TOP products will be your best ally in any culinary adventure. Traditional or contemporary, any cooking trend demanding unexpected combinations, new flavors, different textures and aromas, TOP will be there to beautifully highlight your creativity in cooking.

Every TOP product is made of wine and carefully picked raw materials that give its fine delicate aroma and unique taste. Vinegar TOP products have been awarded with international distinctions for their superior taste by the International Taste & Quality Institute and have received stars for their Superior Taste from distinguished, internationally renowned chefs.

Get inspired with recipes with TOP products, trust their quality, discover smart ways to make your dishes even more delicious with tips, secrets and cooking advice and boost your everyday life!

Delight now reaches the TOP!

Our History
Our History